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ULTRA Mobile™

Complete distributed field test platform. When combined with RF and voice feature sets, provides a complete drive test solution for land mobile radio and push-to-talk (PTT) cellular systems, including ITU P.862 Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) objective voice quality measurements.

ULTRA Mobile™ is a distributed test system designed from the ground up for complex field test requirements. Distributed testing requires test systems located at different physical locations to carry out coordinated actions and/or measurements. Planning and conducting these distributed tests can be complex and error prone. ULTRA Mobile™ allows distributed tests to be planned and conducted as easily as lab-based tests. Among the capabilities of the ULTRA Mobile™ platform are:

-A single unified test plan, developed in a GUI-based test executive, defines the entire distributed test
sequence for all participating nodes
-Once the test plan is distributed to all participating ULTRA Mobile™ nodes, no further communication is required between nodes during the testing
-Test measurements and actions can be coordinated or timestamped to within 25 ns
-Multiple application feature sets can be deployed simultaneously on the ULTRA Mobile™ platform, allowing complete testing flexibility
-Choice of hardware node to suit testing environment (laptop, luggable PC, desktop, rackmount chassis)

Applications of ULTRA Mobile™ include:

-Drive testing of mobile voice communications systems to collect RF power (RSSI), BER/BLER, voice quality, noise, interference, and I/Q data
-Simulcast radio system testing (synchronized data collection at each simulcast site)
-Distributed sensor system testing, including test range, airborne and shipboard applications
-Mobile data communication systems testing for throughput, latency, and error rates
-Other distributed test applications requiring coordinated test actions without the need for communications between test systems during testing

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