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V&V Automation

At the heart of ULTRA™ is the concept of rapid test system development using reusable software and hardware components. We have a growing library of feature sets available to jump start your custom test system development

  • Subsystem testing/qualification (bench)

  • System testing (including design verification and regression testing)

  • Interoperability testing

  • Factory testing

  • Field installation and acceptance testing

  • Operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting testing

  • System bug reproduction/isolation (Technical assistance center)

  • Equipment qualification for technology refresh

  • ULTRA Voice™—Voice quality test with P.862 PESQ analysis

  • ULTRA RF™—RF measurements/impairments

  • ULTRA Network™—Network measurements/impairments

  • ULTRA UI™—User interface test w/ opt vision/robotics

  • ULTRA Mobile™—Distributed field test platform

  • ULTRA Stress™—Environmental, mechanical test

  • ULTRA Factory™—Volume test/configure

  • ULTRA Industrial™—Machinery test, industrial control

  • ULTRA Monitor™—Field mgt, condition-based maintenance

Other Services

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Unified Lifecycle Test and Reporting Architecture™ (ULTRA™)


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